The 6050 Graduate Student Project

Part of the program for graduate students in the Texas Tech University M.A. program in Mass Communication is a culminating project with original data collected. Students refer to this as “their 6050” because it corresponds with the class number.
The video is meant to overview the 6050 and inspire you. Screens move fast, but don't worry, use pause and know that the rest of this page explains everything you'll need to think about and do in more detail. Be sure to watch the tutorial, and all its elements, and download the resources found there.

The 6050 Tutorial

Take the 6050 tutorial with resources embedded. It will help (approx. 30 minutes and well worth your time for both students and faculty).
  • The Faculty Adviser
    The TTU College of Media & Communication Grad Office will pair you with an appropriate advisor for your project idea.

    Working with students on their 6050 project is a voluntary service for faculty members.
  • Presentation Tips
  • Collecting Data
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