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Strategic Communication & Planning

What I used to do

Fortunate to have worked for a wide-range of entities, I once served clients as an independent contractor, strategic communications and instructional design specialist, largely within the sports industry.

What I do now

Now, I work with young professionals as an associate professor of practice in strategic communication and sports communication.

Information presented on this site is for educational purposes or to reflect the interests of the professor and the program's students. The activities presented on this site are for the benefit of students, whether mine or you, if you’ve stumbled on the resources and are interested. Appropriate credit is listed for materials or theories shown and to help students go down any educational “rabbit holes” they wish.

Specialized Services for Sports

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Extensive experience in athletics communications and administration—from professional environments to collegiate athletic departments to the publishing industry—yielded specialized services. Some of these services are still offered, usually only for existing clients.

Examples of tools that were created for clients are: strategic communication plans and documents, organizational media, websites, surveys, educational materials, statistical analyses, and training programs or workshops targeted to specific issues.